What is Valeting?

Washing your car at home or a local car wash might help with day-to-day dust and dirt. But if done too quickly, or not done correctly, it can actually be the cause of significant damage and deterioration.

That’s where valeting comes in. Valeting is so much more than just a car wash with extras. It is the art of hand-cleaning by specialists who are passionate about their work. An experienced valet tailors the tools, techniques, and cleaning products to your particular make and model of car, restoring its condition to look like new. Professional valeting protects exterior paintwork from scratches and corrosion, and interior fabrics from grease and stains, maintaining both the vehicle, and its critically, its resale value.

With so many different car cleaning options across Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife, how do you find the excellent service you’re looking for? The clue’s in the name. Excel Valeting & Detailing offers a range of packages bespoke to your needs and carried out by trained professionals in their dedicated studio, or via a mobile car cleaning unit, despatched directly to your vehicle.

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